Advisor Profiles

Neda Bagheri, Ph.D.

Northwestern University

Neda Bagheri directs the Modeling Dynamic Life Systems (MoDyLS) Lab at Northwestern University. Her research lies at the cutting-edge intersection of engineering and biology to solve exciting challenges within medicine and basic science. Her group is particularly interested in challenges related to identifying engineering design principles that underlie, explain, and rationalize complex biological function, as well as understanding how extrinsic factors can be used to optimize therapeutic interventions. To accomplish these goals, her interdisciplinary team of engineers, basic scientists and applied mathematicians combine experimental data with novel computational strategies derived from statistical analysis and control theory to attack problems from creative angles not possible with single discipline methods. Solutions to these challenges have the potential to address important problems in cancer and immune system diseases and to uncover new fundamental understandings of microbial and circadian biology. 

In recognition for her research accomplishments, Bagheri was awarded a CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 2017. Her research has been published in high-profile journals, including the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and PLOS Computational Biology. She serves on an NSF Science & Technology Center and advisory boards for Immuneering and the Allen Institute for Cell Science, and she is recognized internationally for her leadership in the fields of computational and systems biology. 

Bagheri is invested in mentorship and outreach activities that integrate with her research interests. She participates regularly in diversity panels and is planning a children’s book series targeting K-5 students. She also designed a science policy course to motivate engineers toward more active science citizenship, and to simultaneously reinforce creativity and rigor when communicating with general audiences. At Northwestern, Bagheri is a faculty fellow of the Slivka residence hall and an advisor for multiple student clubs.